We Bare Bears

It is a Cartoon Network comedy starring three bear brothers, Pardo, Panda and Polar, who try to integrate in very strange ways in the society of humans: either looking for food, trying to make friends or become famous on the Internet. If they can get some ice cream or as much as possible, yogurt, much better.



The Loud House

Is a Nickelodeon channel series starring Lincoln Loud, a 10 year old boy who lives in a house with his 10 sisters.
The plot of this series is to try to survive among them by devising ingenious solutions to the problems and chaos that exists in the house of the Loud.



Club 57

This new Nickelodeon show is the story of a girl of today, that travels in time to 1957, where she falls in love for the first time.
When Eva and her brother Ruben travel to 1957, they do everything in their
power to return home, until Eva falls in love with JJ and decides to stay in the
past triggering a butterfly effect.
With a mix of music, dance and time-traveling adventures, Eva must now
“science” a way to return to the present day without giving up her first love.



Canciones del Zoo

This property is part of EL REINO INFANTIL youtube channel.
This story elapse in a very special theme park, a Zoo-hospital where animals that have some disease will be cured with Uncle Mario a veterinarian specialist.
The Zoo does not have any kind of bars.
At the zoo they play, sing and nobody wants to get away.




This property is part of EL REINO INFANTIL youtube channel.
A universe full of friendly little bugs, very curious, cheerful and eager to have fun!
In each episode, Bichikids encounter new situations just like our children.
They also discover in a funny way, textures, aromas, food, sounds, music, dance and friendship value.
In this way they learn to interact with the world around them.



Allegra Bottles

New ALLEGRA Line bottle decoration, to keep water, juice, milk, wine, or any type of liquid.




New CACTUS design added to our successful line of glass and plastic products