Simona is a family tv show,
vinculated to comedy
and with notorious musical presence.
In the story young love between the protagonists and their desire to succeed with music intermingle.



Mini Beats Power Rockers

We introduce you to the first band of
Baby rockers: Fuz (on the bass), Wat (on the
guitar), Carlos (on drums) and Myo (on
the keyboards). Together they spend the day
rocking in the nursery
managed by Dolores, a very
controller and hyper connected
teenager, who prefers babies
Do what they do at that age: sleep. The
music education is the common thread of
the series, presenting the instruments,
musical genres, concepts and trivia
a fun, eccentric and rock way.



PJ Masks

Our PJMasks adventures as heroes are set in the early evening.
As the sun goes down our heroes come to life and as our pre-school audience puts their head down to sleep they too go off into the world of imagination.
We are not encouraging our audience to go out into the nightime but rather to empower them to explore all that is great about being a superhero through imaginative play, incredible adventures and providing rich, safe and nurturing content underpinned by educational and core development values.



Miraculous - Tales of Lady Bug

This is the story of Marinette, a charismatic girl who magically transforns into a corageous and vivacious superhero and saves the day using her. super-hero powers, the mysterious lucky charm and her unique power of creation to restore happiness and peace for all



Funny HAHA

Cartoon Network s Number one humor shows, all together for kids to enjoy their favorite characters: Adventure Time, Gumball, Regular Show, Clarence, Steven Universe and Uncle GrandPa




From the creators of Shrek comes DreamWorks Animation s Trolls, a smart, funny and irreverent comedy about the search for happiness, and just how far some will go to get it. This hilarious film transports audiences to a colorful, wondrous world populated by the overly optimistic Trolls, who have a constant dance in their step and a song on their lips.



Baby Dreamworks

Dreamworks animation characters in baby version. The Movie stars of Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek.



Little Dino´s

Little Dino´s is an original license. Cute and fun characters you can find in our early childhood product line.



Frascos de Pet

Nuevos frascos de PET se agregan a la ya clásica linea de productos de Daysal s.r.l.
Un producto que ofrece claridad, brillo, transparencia y contiene los aromas.



Jungle trek

Jungle Trek is an original license. Cute and fun characters you can find in our early childhood product line.